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Cedar is a beautiful and warm product for a fence, but not every Cedar fence is made the same. Do you want 5/8" thick boards or a full 3/4" board? should you have two or three fence rails? Cedar or treated fence posts? Japanese, Chinese or, North American Cedar?  At Artisan Exteriors PNW our design team is ready to help you answer all these questions and more. 

Our Cedar Portfolio


When it comes to cost and durability, chain link fence is hard to beat. It's one of the most affordable fencing materials and labor costs are low too since it's so easy to install. Chain link also lasts forever with little maintenance required - it just keeps on going. 

If you need to fence a huge area, chain link is a great economical choice. And if you have a wooded backyard, go with black or green vinyl-coated chain link. It'll blend right into the nature backdrop. 

We've got all the chain link supplies and hardware you need whether you're tackling a DIY project or having our experienced crews handle the install. For maximum durability and affordability, chain link is the way to go.

Our Chain Link Portfolio


Our Vinyl Portfolio

Vinyl fencing is about as hassle-free as it gets for your yard. It's made from a tough plastic-like material called PVC that holds up way better than wood or metal fencing. Vinyl won't rot or crack like wood can when the weather beats it down. And it won't rust and flake like metal after a few seasons of rain and snow. Vinyl just keeps on going year after year without needing much from you. Just give it a occasional rinse with your garden hose and it'll stay looking fresh. No painting or staining required! Vinyl fencing won't mold or mildew either, so you can relax knowing it will keep looking neat and tidy with barely any work. For fencing you can install and then ignore while it does its job, vinyl is the way to go.

Price-wise, vinyl fencing can go toe-to-toe with wood fencing. You can find vinyl versions of most classic wood fence styles. So if you're over dealing with wood that rots and needs staining, vinyl makes a solid alternative. It keeps its color and won't rot, which is awesome. Now for the real talk - vinyl isn't quite as tough as wood. In cold Rainy season, its durability takes a hit. And it doesn't handle impact too well either. So vinyl isn't the best pick near driveways or parking lots where cars might bump it. Falling tree branches can also do some damage. But for areas away from traffic and debris, vinyl fencing works great. It's a super low-maintenance choice that still looks classy. If you want the visual appeal of a wood fence without the yearly upkeep, vinyl has you covered.


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