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Before embarking on the construction of a deck on your premises, it's pivotal to ascertain the permissibility of such an endeavor. This inquiry, though seemingly odd regarding what one may or may not erect on their own land, is crucial for ensuring the well-being of the surrounding environment, your neighbors, and yourself. Rather than pondering the rationale behind these permit requirements, it's more pragmatic to determine their necessity in your locality.

Is a Permit Mandatory in Washington State for Deck Construction? In brief, the answer is affirmative. Securing a permit is essential for deck construction on your property in Washington. The timing for obtaining this permit hinges on the deck's elevation above the ground. Should you desire a raised platform, exceeding 18 inches in height, a permit becomes obligatory. This requirement also extends to constructing a roof deck or in zones deemed environmentally sensitive, such as landslide-prone regions.

Additional permits might be requisite, like those for construction alterations or additions. If your deck design aligns with any of the following stipulations, alongside those previously mentioned, prepare to acquire further permits:

  • The deck incorporates elongated beams.

  • Its height surpasses 8 feet above the ground.

Apart from permits, adherence to specific municipal codes is necessary when building a deck. These regulations, particularly relevant to Seattle, necessitate local code research to avoid legal infractions:

  • Decks must not be constructed within 20 feet of the front property boundary or within 5 feet of the lateral property lines in a single-family zone.

  • Construction within 25 feet of the rear property line is prohibited.

  • For projects near or within environmentally critical areas, a pre-application site visit is mandatory prior to permit application.

While the process may seem cumbersome and superfluous, compliance with the law is imperative to avoid penalties or the distress of dismantling your newly built deck. Prior to commencing construction, ensure thorough knowledge of local codes and permit prerequisites.

Procedure for Obtaining a Deck Building Permit Acquiring a permit for deck construction is straightforward, albeit somewhat monotonous and irksome. You must submit a permit application to the city Planning Department in the area of construction. Typically, this involves presenting detailed plans of the proposed work and remitting a permit fee. Subsequently, await approval of your plan and the issuance of the permit.

The cost of obtaining a building permit varies, generally calculated based on the construction's value, project size, and other factors. Hence, there's no uniform fee. Contacting your local Planning Department is advisable for budget adherence and avoiding unforeseen expenses, though these fees are usually not exorbitant.

The process may differ slightly from one municipality to another, with varying steps or pre-application requirements. Consult your local government's website or contact the relevant department to ensure a smooth deck-building experience.

Does Engaging a Contractor Facilitate the Deck Permit Process? Navigating the permit acquisition for deck building can be daunting. Opting for a contractor to assist with permit procurement and deck construction is a viable solution. While not all contractors may undertake this administrative task, we at Artisan Exteriors PNW are ready to do so.

Artisan Exteriors PNW has been dedicated to deck construction since our inception. Our commitment to professionalism, quality, reliability, safety, cleanliness, integrity, and communication is unwavering.

We provide complimentary estimates to ensure clarity on expected costs, further reflecting our dedication to integrity and communication. Our team is eager to enhance your outdoor living space and streamline the permit process for you.

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